I personally own and maintain Another Time. This web site began several years ago when I quickly realized that my book collecting could be turned into a small business. While visiting airshows, fly-ins, antique malls and used book stores, I would purchase publications on vintage aircraft. After only a short time, I had quite an extensive collection and had to begin storing all the new purchases in my garage! Fellow vintage aircraft enthusiasts inquired about my collection and began asking for assistance in obtaining books, magazines and photographs. Sales of those published items turned into an in-house publishing venture when I began editing several newsletters. Print publishing transitioned to online publishing, which then led to a web site design service. I am by no means a graphics designer but I do enjoy building web sites that help preserve and display vintage aircraft. Another Time is the result of all of those experiences with aviation publications. When an interest turns into a passion it is hard not to share the experience with others. As this web site has grown, I have learned of a whole generation of pilots and enthusiasts who are unaware of these rare, historic aircraft. By continuing to provide resources on Another Time, I hope to preserve the history of vintage aircraft and spark new interest in these rare ships.

Dan Linn

About Dan Linn

Flying has been his passion since he was young. Dan obtained my private pilot license in 1991 and has been researching and flying vintage aircraft ever since then. His first airplane was a 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D and the second a 1956 Cessna 170B. The 170 was flown to airshows in Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin and all over Texas. FLYING magazine featured the 170 in a Used Aircraft Report on the Cessna 170 in the November 1999 issue. When  not working on Learjet simulators he can be found researching vintage aircraft and spending time with family. Dan makes his home in Texas where he lives with his wife Candice and son Brennen.

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