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One of the best ways to search for vintage aircraft that survive today is through photographs on the internet. See a list of our favorite photographers on our resources page.

Where would you go to see some of the rare aircraft featured on this site? See a list of aircraft collections on our resources page where some of the rarest aircraft reside.


Our goal is to give those restoring vintage aircraft a list of contacts that will aid in returning their rare aircraft to the skies. See our resources page for a listing of restoration shops and suppliers.

Let us know how we can serve you in the vintage aircraft community by providing more resources for you. Books and photos are available from our resource library.


Have you wondered how many of the rarest vintage aircraft have survived the test of time? Who cares for these aviation treasures? What is their current condition? Are they flying? Where are they based? See our feature listings of rare aircraft that highlight rare, limited production vintage aircraft. Own one of these rare gems? Send us stories and pictures!

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Feature Pages

Web pages featuring history and photos of surviving airframes.

  1. Spartan Executive

Lockheed 10 & 12

Ryan ST

Curtiss Robin

Civilian Stearman


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