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Welcome to the Ryan Sport Trainer survivors page. This list was created to show pictures of surviving ST, STA, STM and PT-20 Ryans and to give a brief history of each aircraft. If you can provide pictures, information or corrections please email us.

Special thanks to Roger Cain, Ev Cassagneres, James Kightly, Graham Orphan, Mike Shreeve, Tulio Soto and the photographers listed below.

Ryan STA

S/N 104, N14911, registered to Robert De Vries in San Luis Obispo, CA (picture needed)

S/N 110, N14954, registered to Chris Galloway in CA (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 111, N86555, registered to Fred Barber in Stone Mountain, GA (picture needed)

S/N 112, N14956, registered to Larry Lee in Atlanta, GA (picture needed)

S/N 113, N14957, registered to Fred Barder in Stone Mountain, GA (picture needed)

S/N 114, N14982, registered to Bernard Burger in Orange County, CA (picture needed)

S/N 115, N14983, registered to Gordan Autry in Lakewood, CO (picture needed)

S/N 116, N14984, registered to Douglas Kelly - this is a unique Ryan in that it is a PT20 but has the serial number of an STA. (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 117, N14985, registered to Ted Teach in Dayton, OH (picture needed)

S/N 118, N14986, restored by Troy Stimson in Ft. Worth, TX. Sold to new owner in England 2010.

S/N 124, N14987, registered to John Richards in Ventura, CA (photo by Roger Cain at Merced, CA 1989)

S/N 128, N16039, registered to Walter Bowe in CA, based in Sonoma - this is the famous Tex Rankin Ryan. (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 132, VH-UVQ, restored in Australia with L. Zuccoli. Sold to new owner in France. (picture needed)

S/N 133, N14955, registered to Stephen Freeman in Memphis, TN (picture needed)

S/N 148, N26JC registered to Shadetree Aviation in Carson City, NV

S/N 149, N17346, registered to William Rose in Barrington, IL (picture needed)

S/N 151, N27JG, registered to John Gosney in Laramie, WY (picture needed)

S/N 154, N17351, registered to William Halverson in Henderson, NV (picture needed)

S/N 156, N17352, registered to Ryan Air Exposition, flying in CA

S/N 157, N17353, registered to Creative Interiors in Wichita, KS (picture needed)

S/N 162, N17357, restored by the late Don Carter. Now owned by Texas partnership, based in Justin, TX. To be reconditioned to flying status. (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 166, N17361, on display San Diego Aerospace Museum (picture needed)

S/N 172, N17367, registered to George Tork in Rome, NY (picture needed)

S/N 174, N17369, registered to Argie Tidmore in Pottsville, PA (picture needed)

S/N 177, N17364, registered to William Rose in Barrington, IL (picture needed)

S/N 193, N17347, registered to William Rose in Barrington, IL (picture needed)

S/N 195, N17349, registered to EAA in Oshkosh, WI (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 198, N18902, registered to Airpower Museum in Ottumwa, IA (photo by Brent Taylor)

S/N 312, N18922, registered to Artemis Aviation in Wilmington, DE (photo by Roger Cain, Watsonville, CA 1998)

S/N 322, N18923, registered to Plane Fun Inc.

S/N 355, N9E, registered to David Newcomer in Portsmouth, VA (picture needed)

Ryan STA Special

S/N 173, N17368, registered to Dino Terrana in White Salmon, WA (photo by Roger Cain at Oshkosh, WI 1992)

S/N 184, N17360, registered to Gunther Kaelberer in Mesa, AZ (photo by Dan Linn taken in Leesburg, FL)

S/N 188, N18904, registered to Roger Sherman in Leesburg, FL (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 192, N17350, registered to Fred Spec, Claysville, PA (picture needed)

S/N 197, N17348, registered to David Masters in Palo Alto, CA

S/N 339, N18921, registered to Ryan STA, INC in Wallkill, NY (picture needed)

Ryan STM

S/N 302, N302D, with Jimmy Rollison in CA

S/N 304, N10535, with Robert Webb in Tarpon Springs, FL (picture needed)

S/N 450, VH-AHF, S-14, RAAF A50-7, in storage with a private owner in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 454, VH-WEB, S-18, RAAF A50-27, in storage with G. Hosking, Australia (picture needed)

S/N 457, N8146, registered to Gary Kozak in Downers Grove, IL

S/N 458, N17343, registered to Hisey Aviation, Oklahoma City, OK. (photo by Roger Cain, Oshkosh, WI 1992)

S/N 459, VH-AWG, S-23, RAAF A50-11, flying in Australia (photo copyright, James Kightly)

S/N 465, VH-?, S-29, RAAF A50-22, flying with G. Hosking, Australia (picture needed)

S/N 466, N466WA, flying with Willis Allen, San Diego, CA

S/N 467, VH-RAE, S-31, RAAF A50-2, under rebuild with M&J Susans in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 469, VH-AHD, S-33, RAAF A50-34, under rebuild with D. MacGibbon in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 471, VH-DBD, S-35, RAAF A50-23, under rebuild with Guy Kendell in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 473, VH-AGQ, S-37, RAAF A50-1, stored project with M&J Susans in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 474, VH-RSY, S-38, RAAF A50-19?, flying with Temora Aviation Museum in Australia (photo by Keith Webb)

S/N 476, N7779, S-40, RAAF A50-31, registered to James Morris, Marrieta, CA

S/N 482, VH-CXR, S-46, RAAF ?, stored, damaged with G. Hosking in Australia (picture needed)

S/N 489, VH-AGS, S-53, RAAF A50-13, currently ZK-BEM in New Zealand flying in a joint operation by NZ Warbirds Assoc & MOTAT museum.

S/N 492, VH-AHC, S-56, RAAF A50-29, ZK-ABC, under rebuild with Noel Kruse in New Zealand (Photo bySteve Petersen)

STM, unknown S/N on display in China (photo by BDK)

Ryan PT-20

(picture needed) S/N 341

Other Ryans

S/N 1391, N47080, registered to Gary Jackson, Moorpark, CA - PT22 converted to an ST with a Ranger engine (photo by Roger Cain)

S/N 840, N721R, recently sold at auction in Ohio - Ryan ST3KR (PT22) converted to an ST with a Ranger engine.