Welcome to the Ryan Sport Trainer survivors page. This list was created to show pictures of surviving ST, STA, STM and PT-20 Ryans and to give a brief history of each aircraft. If you can provide pictures, information or corrections please email us.

Ryan Sport Trainer Production

5 civilian ST models were built with a 95 hp Menasco

73 civilian ST-A models were built with a 125 hp Menasco

11 civilian ST-A Specials were built with a 150 hp Menasco

1 civilian single cockpit ST-B was built with a 125 hp Menasco

2 experimental ST-W models were built with 125 hp and 160 hp Warner

22 military export STM models were built with 150 hp Menasco

14 U.S. Government PT-16 models were built with 125 hp Menasco

30 U.S. Government PT-20 models were built with 125 hp Menasco

60 Netherlands Army STM-2 models were built with 150 hp Menasco

48 Netherlands Navy STM-2 models were built with 150 hp Menasco

50 Chinese STM-2E models were built with 150 hp Mensaco

Special thanks to Roger Cain, the late Ev Cassagneres, Pete Groves, James Kightly, Graham Orphan, Mike Shreeve, Tulio Soto, Tom Swindle and the photographers listed below.

Ryan ST Series

S/N 110, ST-A, N14954, registered to Gary Peters in Clarkston, OR (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 112, ST-A, N14956, owned by Larry Lee, Atlanta, GA - restored by Steve Pitcairn (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 117, ST, N14985, flying with Ted Teach in Dayton, OH - Oshkosh 2016 Antique Grand Champion (photo by Doug Smith)

S/N 118, ST-A, VH-ROM (formally N14986), restored by Troy Stimson in Ft. Worth, TX. Based in England 2010 to 2017. Recently sold to Pete Nelson in Australia.  (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 124, ST-A, N14987, registered to John Richards in Ventura, CA (photo by Roger Cain at Merced, CA 1989)

S/N 128, ST-A, N16039, registered to Walter Bowe in CA, based in Sonoma - this is the famous Tex Rankin Ryan. (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 132, ST-A, F-AZVQ, owned by Jan Friso Roozen, France - flies with Gipsy Major engine, wears the name ZOOM II (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 148, ST-A, N26JC registered to Shadetree Aviation in Carson City, NV (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 154, ST-A, N17351 (registation from S/N 193), registered to Darren Moore in CA - under restoration to fly. (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 156, ST-A, N17352, registered to Ryan Air Exposition, flying in CA - known as the Nut Tree Ryan. (photo by Roger Cain)

S/N 162, ST-A, N17357, restored by the late Don Carter. Now owned by Xstac, LLC at Texas partnership, based in Justin, TX. Returned to flying status 2014. (photo by Cowtown Aerocrafters)

S/N 166, ST-A, N17361, on display San Diego Aerospace Museum

S/N 173, ST-A Special, N17368, on display at the Western Antique Auto and Aeroplane Museum, Hood River, OR - (photo by Roger Cain at Oshkosh, WI 1992)

S/N 174, ST-A, N17369, registered to Argie Tidmore, Pottsville, PA - under restoration to fly. (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 184, ST-A Special, N17360, registered to Guenther Kaelberer, Mengen Hohentengen airfield, Germany www.antique-aeroflyers.de (photo by Stefan Schmoll)

S/N 188, ST-A, N18904, registered to Jesse Miller, Kansas City, MO (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 195, ST-A, N17349, registered to EAA in Oshkosh, WI (photo by Dan Linn)

S/N 197, ST-M, N17348, registered to David Masters in Palo Alto, CA - ST-M airframe with ST-A serial number. (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 198, ST-A Special, N18902, registered to Airpower Museum in Ottumwa, IA (photo by Brent Taylor)

S/N 302, STM-1, VH-RYS (previously N302D), Flying in Australia with Jeff Trappett. (photo by Brian Turner via Graham Orphan)

S/N 312, ST-A, N18922, registered to Artemis Aviation in Wilmington, DE (photo by Roger Cain, Watsonville, CA 1998)

S/N 322, ST-A Special, N18923, recently sold, was based at Old Warden in Bedfordshire U.K. - parts of ST-M and ST-A used in rebuild to an ST-A with an ST-M serial number. (photo by Stefan Schmoll)

S/N 352, PT-20, N14984, registered to Douglas Kelly - this is a unique Ryan in that it is a PT20 but has the serial number of an ST-A (S/N 116). (photo by Mike Shreeve)

S/N 355, ST-A, N9E, registered to Paul Ennis and David Newcomer, operated in Virgina and Maryland. (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 452, ST-M, PH-STM, flown by the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation, Holland. (photo via Pete Groves)

S/N 457, ST-M, N8146, registered to Gary Kozak in Downers Grove, IL (photo via the owner)

S/N 458, ST-M, N17343, restored 2014 in Wiltshire, England (photo by Roger Cain, Oshkosh, WI 1992)

S/N 459, ST-M, VH-AWG, S-23, RAAF A50-11, flying in Australia (photo copyright, James Kightly)

S/N 466, ST-M, N466WA, S-30 flying with Bill Allen, San Diego, CA

S/N 474, ST-M, VH-RSY, S-38, RAAF A50-19?, flying with Temora Aviation Museum in Australia (photo by Keith Webb)

S/N 476, ST-M, N7779, S-40, RAAF A50-31, based in California for many years. Imported to England 2020.

S/N 492, ST-M, VH-AHC, S-56, RAAF A50-29, ZK-ABC, flying with with Noel Kruse in New Zealand (Photo by Graham Orphan)

S/N 494, STM-2, N14911, S-58, RAAF A50-3, flying with Robert De Vries, San Luis Obispo, CA - an STM with the registration number from ST S/N 104.

STM, unknown S/N on display in China (photo by BDK)

Replica - S/N 103, ST-A, N14910, flying with James Ireland, Ft. Worth, TX - Replica built from factory drawings powered by an LOM engine.